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Itel Electronics provide a comprehensive cable harness and cable harness assembly facility, we can offer cable solutions in all styles and complexity, low to high volume capability.

Manufacturing at a cost effective price and within a timely order and delivery framework, we can save time and money. We also offer specialized modification and upgrade services where advantageous and desired as well as product sensitive integration packages.


Prototyping teams are made up of design and assembly professionals with a vast array of experience.

These skilled professionals are masters of the art of wiring harness assembly and manufacturing.

Our teams will respond quickly and work closely with you, your team and your project to help you optimize the form, fit and function of your harness or cable assembly. Highlighting opportunities to reduce cost, while achieving comparable or greater quality.

Working as partner during the initial stage can result in a better wire harness, cable assembly, reducing cost of production and improving product reliability.

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    Cable Harnesses
  • Custom designs
  • Ruggedised to military specs
  • Open looms
  • Light weight systems
  • Fully sealed to IP rating
  • Databus and coax

    Fibre Optics
  • Cable terminations
  • Ruggedised pigtails & patch cords
  • Assemblies
  • Electronic boxes
  • Sealed glands

    Components or kits
  • Connectors - Wire
  • Multicore Cables - Adaptors
  • Feedthroughs - EMC Braids
  • Heat Shrink Tubing & Boots
  • Identification Labels
  • Identification Labels