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Quality Accredited to:

The above standards are the basis for our business management system giving continuous improvement through innovation and learning.

Continual in-process and 100% final inspection is performed to ensure adherence to the customer specification throughout the manufacturing cycle.

Automated testing is carried out using MK Automeg test equipment.

  • DC Continuity
  • Insulation resistance
  • AC high potential

RF and microwave assemblies can be tested for phase sensitive situations using network analyzers. VSWR, Phase Matching and Insertion loss tests can be carried out on site.

First Article Inspection, Test reports and Certificates of Conformity can be provided for each harness, if required. Customers can be confident that all specified requirements are met and complete satisfaction is assured.


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    Cable Harnesses
  • Custom designs
  • Ruggedised to military specs
  • Open looms
  • Light weight systems
  • Fully sealed to IP rating
  • Databus and coax

    Fibre Optics
  • Cable terminations
  • Ruggedised pigtails & patch cords
  • Assemblies
  • Electronic boxes
  • Sealed glands

    Components or kits
  • Connectors - Wire
  • Multicore Cables - Adaptors
  • Feedthroughs - EMC Braids
  • Heat Shrink Tubing & Boots
  • Identification Labels
  • Identification Labels