Our Quality management system is built on our AS9100 certification, to ensure all areas of the business are robust and flexible enough to adapt to customer requirements, market conditions, commercial goals and our business strategy.

Testing Capabilities

• Automated testing is carried out using MK Automeg test equipment
• DC Continuity
• Insulation resistance
• AC high potential

We have built up a large number of serialised and calibrated tooling, and each connector which is terminated can be fully traced back to an individual tool and the operator who carried out the process.

Itel Electronics have adopted the IPC620 and J-STD-001 set of standards to complement our own internal and customer specific standards.

Process Improvement

Recognising that each customer has different expectations, before a new project is introduced to production, any customer specific and quality requirements are identified through our Enquiry and Order review processes.

Itel Electronics carry out internal audits to ensure maximum operational efficiency and adherence to our internal processes and our AS9100 certification. The 8D process is used extensively to identify weakness and tackle root cause. Top level strategy is delivered using a number of KPI’s defined and agreed by the management team.

Training and Development

Itel Electronics employs approximately 30 highly skilled and dedicated members of staff in the production of electrical interconnection systems for Aerospace, Defence, Space and Automotive markets.

A skills matrix is maintained for every person in the organisation. This forms the baseline for individual personal development and performance reviews (PDPR). To enable our strategic targets to be delivered and sustained, we invest a significant amount of hours each year to train and develop our team members. Our In-House IPC trainers are on-hand to make certain all of our operators are fully compliant and maintain best working practices at all times.

In 2014 we engaged with a local college to kick off our Technical Apprentice Scheme, with a focus on satisfying the positions for tomorrows' Manufacturing and Quality Engineers.

In 2019 one of our apprentices was named Engineering apprentice of the year.